What is Anchor Text and Why is it Important for Backlinks?

September 2, 2021

The internet is a vast place where you can find absolutely anything you might need with a click. Search engines are proof of how quick and easy it is for you to find things in an instant. While this is convenient for users, it becomes a challenge for people trying to get their websites out there.

With the practically uncountable number of websites present on the internet, chances are you’re not the only one offering a specific service. Proof of that can be seen whenever you look something up on a search engine. Whatever you search for, you can already bet that there are over thousands of results. For anyone searching, they’ll probably not even go to the second page of the results because the first page probably already has what they’re looking for.

For someone with a website that offers any service, this poses a problem. How do you get yourself to stand out more with all the other people offering similar things as you? Or rather, how do you get yourself at the top of that results page? Well, the solution’s not as tricky as you’d think.

Website Optimization

If you want to help get your website more presence, you can do it through website optimization.

Website optimization is a rather multifaceted process, where one utilizes different strategies and tools to help get more people to your website. Among the various aspects of website optimization, one of the more crucial processes would involve search engine optimization.

Also known as SEO, this process of optimization helps increase your website’s visibility when it comes to search engine results. By utilizing tools for SEOs, you do what you can to make sure that your website comes up at the top of the results page should someone search for anything related to your site. How does it do this, though?

SEOs help increase your visibility by using specific “keywords” that relate to what your website is about. One perfect example of how these keywords can be used can be seen in anchor text and backlinks.


Anchor Text? Backlinks?

These two terms might seem a little too technical, but they’re pretty simple concepts to understand.

Anchor text contains a link that can direct you to another website. You might be more familiar with links that just say “Click here!”, which are usually underlined and colored blue. Anchor texts are similar, but they use more specific words related to your website. With anchor texts, the words that these contain can help dictate how high up a particular website will be in the results of a search engine.

A backlink, on the other hand, is a link that comes from a different website. These links can also make use of anchor texts that are related to your website. Since these also utilize anchor texts, they can also have an influence on how high your website would appear when similar topics are searched.

Good utilization of anchor text link building can help raise the “rank” of your website when someone searches for something related to your website. With proper usage of these elements of a website, along with the adequate research and strategies carried out by a website optimization process, you can better put your site out there. What’s more, you can also get more people interacting with your website to see what you have if you optimize your website correctly!


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