Why backlinking is the most important part of the SEO

September 28, 2021

When it comes to the SEO industry, there are a lot of factors that come into play. All of these determinants have a specific role in making the entire concept work. One such factor is backlinking. Like most elements of SEO, backlinking has a crucial role in making sure things work smoothly. But what exactly is backlinking? How does it work? Is it that necessary to consider it? Let’s find out.


Let’s Cover Some Basics 

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of boosting or improving your business or market venture through online means. What happens is that through search engine optimization, your business website will be on the higher tiers when consumers search for specific goods and services. SEO works ideally with search engines. Search engines are the programs and software you utilize for browsing purposes. Some examples include Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, and so much more.

Backlinks are websites you do not own but can go back to a page or two on your website. Think of it as a person’s testimonial. Once someone refers to your page, it means that it has value or a reputation. These web links also showcase another website’s traffic that visits your site as well. A neat thing about backlinks is that the higher their quality and quantity, the better you will rank in search results.


Why Are Back Links Important?

Earning backlinks is an essential component. Backlinks are critical in the SEO scene because they represent a vote of confidence that transpires from one website to another. Simply put, backlinks are the green light that gives other websites credibility and validity regarding content. Having backlinks will also tremendously boost your search engine results. Once you hit higher ranks in Google searches, more consumers will check out your site in return.


The Benefits Of Back Linking

Here are some of the benefits of having backlinks running for your website.

  • Organic ranking improvement

You will notice that your website will be on a lot more SERPs. SERP stands for search engine results page. These are the first things that people see after looking for something on a Google page.

  • Referral traffic

Another neat thing about backlinking is that other websites will refer to your site because of your content. So an individual reading a post will see links that will direct to yours. All they have to do is read what the blog has to say and click on the link. 

  • Better index

Search engine bots and intelligence will look for new web pages every day. They do so by following backlinks from one page to another. Therefore, it would be hard for them to locate yours if you do not have any backlinks tethered to your site.


What Back Links Can I Trust?

Not all backlinks are equal. Some might not be valid, and others might send your website into a spiral of chaos. It would be best to know a thing or two about trusted backlinks.

  • Pick links from trusted web pages.

You can never go wrong with backlinks from trusted sites. That means you do not have to worry about validation and credibility.

  • Target keyword is a priority.

A good backlink must have your target keyword in the anchor text. A target keyword is what search algorithms locate when consumers start with an inquiry.

  • The backlink site must have a relationship with yours.

It would pay to have a site that backlinks to you. It would be better if it is related to what your website has to offer. It would be awkward if your backlink talks about shoes while your site caters to magic mushrooms. 


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